QR CODE: learn how to create simple and efficient actions for your hostel

QR CODE: learn how to create simple and efficient actions for your hostel

A 2D graph that looks just like a junction of squares, randomly arranged on a printout or even on a screen. This is the first impression you get when you see a QR CODE. But that can convert advertising into sales.

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How to generate and use a QR CODE?

The first step is to find the best tool to generate a QR CODE. The Google one, for example, generates the QR with a simple click on the platform, making it possible to create a strategy with the code and provide several features, such as links and promotions that can be read and accessed by any cell phone with the QR CODE reading application, available for free in apps stores – or even with your phone’s own camera.

The main attribution of this type of coding is to make a connection between the real world and the virtual.

What are the main advantages of using a QR CODE?

The possibilities for using the QR Code are practically endless. The main examples are:

  • Spread the codes around the hostel with lots of information, and so, the guest gets access to the hostel’s website to know what to do in the region, view the photos of before and after a renovation, watch an institutional video or sign up for a specific promotion;
  • Get information about the regulations of the stay. Do you know that list that some hostels stick behind the apartment door? It could be summarized with just a title and a code to open by cell phone;
  • Access to an online menu, with the facility for the hostel to make price changes without generating reprint costs;
  • Targeting to enjoy social media and more.

Now imagine a QR CODE promoting a particular hosting package linked to an exclusive condition for those who scan the code with their smartphone. The result: more direct reservations made exclusively using the code. Offer packages, content, among other benefits and increase your sales with very little cost.

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