Practicality and profitability go together

Immediate payments with few clicks..

Automatic and safe

Have an automatic and secure billing process, without manipulating the customer's card data, as in the typed sale.

More control, less work

Optimize your financial management, having the peace of mind to receive payment in your account within 30 days, without any effort or complication. Reverse the sale in a simple way through the Marketplace portal. Access the payment schedule, transaction details, sales history, etc.

Ensure more reservations

No more cold reservations that occupy your property with invalid cards.

More guarantee

Reduce your fear of a guest leaving without paying or causing damage to the property and not being charged.

More trust and convenience for your guest

Your guest won't even need to pick up the wallet to make the payment! More satisfied guests with a more secure, practical and effective charging process.

More autonomy for your team

Set your staff free to do what really matters: entertain your guest!

Join the movement that is transforming the way of managing your hostel.

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