Check in without contact between host and guest, with more security and without bureaucracy.


Your guest receives a check in link, fills in all the necessary data. This data goes straight to the PMS and the receptionist just needs to click to complete the check in.

Save more

Make your reception digital: put an end to that stack of form papers and save resources to invest in your business.

More agility

Why keep your guest waiting in line or filling out endless forms? Your digital guest doesn't like to wait, they come from long trips, want to arrive, rest and leave for their schedule.

Better Rates

Optimize your team's routine with Online Check in. Your team will have much more time to do what they know best: to welcome them and generate unique experiences for your guests.

Better Decisions

All information about the profile of your guests to create more effective reception and service strategies.

Join the movement that is transforming the way of managing your hostel.

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