We are HQBeds. A software made by those who understand the business.

Get to know HQBeds and how the idea of our management software came up

It was necessary to have a business in the hospitality industry and experience the daily problems for the development of the software.

The HQBeds is an ambitious idea by two geeks who knew how to program systems but did not understand anything about hostel management. Until we open one.

After travelling the world with our backpack, it was difficult to get back to the office. We already worked together and opened Café Hostel so we wouldnt let our backpacker side fade. Café made us realize that managing a hostel – managing well – demanded more than a bed sheet: we rolled up or sleeves and used our background as programmers to create hqbeds and meet the demands of a growing hostel.

With a good PMS you no longer have to worry about counting each can of beer, jut check stock reports. You delegate tasks and your staff works as a team as you monitor everything working centrally in a single software, hosted in the cloud, always online accessible from anywhere and device as requested by the 21st century.

More than just making the hostel work, we want hqbeds to make your hostel grow. The typical informality of a hostel, which we like so much, does not make the business any less serious. You need to analyze its performance, get to know your audience, discover your strengths and outline a plan for your business. Hqbeds structures the data in an intelligent way and is a powerful tool in the hands of the owner who does not want to keep strugling postponing the next bad review, wants to chase the 5 star one. With a good PMS you have time to ask the right questions.

How to increase direct bookings? How to apply all this data, reports and occupancy rates? How do I attract the guest I want to have? Not all answers are technical or fit into a system. We launched hqbeds as a channel to share what we learned, discuss concepts and encourage new entrepreneurs.  The predatory mentality of “every man for himself” is outdated and does not match the energy that we live in the hosting industry.  We are committed to fostering a learning ecosystem and, working together with our customers, continue to think about the next steps to make the management of hostels simpler and more efficient.

Cheers! 😀 César and Rogério

Take control of your property management.


Promote efficient integration between your guests. The hqbeds platform helps you to direct visitors according to the tastes and reasons of the trip (an event for example), and much more!


Ensure happier guests with services that offer more convenience and help you discover the main habits of tourists, better dates of attraction, better control of finances and everything you need.


Have full control of what is happening on your property with: online check in, reservation management, bed maps, purchase control, individual guest control, online cash flow and much more!


The hqbeds software helps you with everything you need to organize your guest house. Including organizing reservations, synchronized rates, inventory control and even the individual consumption of each guest.

Real success stories and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Today we are one of the main programs that help the most important hostels in Brazil and Latin America. That's because it was developed to be intuitive, easy and accessible for all hosting services. Check out how we have already transformed the lives of several customers.

Join the movement that is transforming the way of managing your hostel.

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