Happier guests

Free your team to delight your guests and create a relationship of trust.

Online Check in

Make the guest's entrance at the hotel less bureaucratic and offer a memorable welcome.

Complete convenience

Understand the guest's need for accommodation and services to ensure a more comfortable structure for them.

Personalized service

Use booking tags to surprise with packages and offers according to your guest's profile and needs.

Complete and more efficient control of your hotel

Your entire operation in one place, avoiding errors and optimizing your costs

Room map and reservation management

Manage online reservations with a control panel and a room map that organizes the receptionist's work.

End of overbooking

No more checking several OTAs and still having overbookings. Ensure availability and rates automatically synchronized.

Inventory and purchasing control

Control inventory, create shopping lists, find out what are the best selling products, register commissions and increase your profit.

Tabs and point of sale system

Comfortably receive any event with a large flow of participants and guests, separating the operation of your bar and cashier.

Finance without secrets

Receive payments easily, understand your expenses and optimize resources without jeopardizing your operation.

Individual Consumption Control

Control the consumption of each guest or visitor at your hotel. Be it consumption of services and packages from the space or products from the bar, restaurant and event.

Automated payment via credit card

With our system, the guest's purchase is charged immediately on the registered card and you receive payment for the reservation in less time.

Online cash flow

Everything a property needs on a day-to-day basis: forecast revenue from reservations, control of accounts payable and receivable, agency commissions, and profiles with control of opening and closing cash, payments and receivables from each member of its staff.

No more blind work

If you really want to boost your sales based on the real analysis of your guests, get to know Business Intelligence

Administrative management results

Gain decision-making power with simple, easy-to-analyze graphics on your operation's performance.

Know the habits of your guests

Find out exactly where your guests make reservations, the types of accommodation they prefer, foresee overbooking and more.

Identify the best sales opportunities

Understand your occupation, predict strategic dates and find out when to create OTA promotions and boost social media.


Perfect for beginners
  • Booking engine
  • Property Map
  • Inventory control and mini-store
  • Essential financial management


All management of your property
  • Booking engine
  • Property map
  • Inventory control, bar and mini-store
  • E-mail automation
  • Complete financial management
  • Online Check-in


For those who want to expand and go beyond
  • Booking engine
  • Property map
  • Inventory control, bar and mini-store
  • E-mail automation
  • Complete financial management
  • Online Check-in
  • Automatic pricing
  • Business analysis

Join the movement that is transforming the way of managing your hostell.

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