Hostelworld Conference 2020: see what was discussed

Hostelworld Conference 2020: see what was discussed

Hostelworld celebrated its 20 years of history at the Hostelworld Conference 2020, in Dublin, an event that brought together hostels from all over the world, and hqbeds was there to check it out!

Rogério, CEO of hqbeds, was there at the 3 days of the conference representing hqbeds, surrounded by big names in the sector, learning, doing a lot of networking, meeting people from new markets and bringing new experiences to our market.

And the most interesting thing about this connection with hostel owners all over the world was to realize that we are on the right path, our company has a technology that can be applied worldwide, that we are bringing everything new to you, and that the international market it is not far ahead of us, in fact, our product has the same quality as the products offered abroad.

Among many issues addressed at the conference, we bring here a theme that caught our attention. The Hostelworld team conducted a survey to find out what are the factors that influence travelers’ decisions when starting a new trip, and we have compiled here some of those that we identified as more relevant:

Factors that influence the decision of the destination

The main factor that influences the traveler’s decision to choose the destination was the finance factor. 25% of respondents choose the destination that fits in their pocket. The second place, very close, was the cultural experiences factor. The current guest seeks experiences, he wants to have contact with new cultures, different traditions, he wants to know the way of life of that chosen destination. Third was the location. Accessibility to destinations counts a lot.

Other points raised, but with less relevance, were recommendations from third parties, reviews and special events held at the destination.

Security is a major concern

Staying in hostels, for most respondents, is synonymous with experience, sharing, social life. Most have good experiences from their stay at hostels.

But the biggest concern of the interviewees when choosing a hostel is security.

28% of respondents choose a hostel based on the security offered, being a greater concern among men than among women. 39% of male solo travelers responded that safety is the main concern, while 25% of women traveling alone chose the same reason.

The survey found that 16% of all respondents felt insecure about their experiences at hostels.

30% of female solo travelers reported safety problems during their stays, while 12% of male solo travelers reported the same type of problems.

Factors that generate insecurity

Inappropriate behavior of other guests, drinks, drugs, excessive noise, broken lockers or the lack of lockers were the factors most considered as factors that generate insecurity when choosing a hostel.

Respondents also mentioned other decision factors in relation to security: mixed rooms, rooms with many people, lack of privacy, excessive noise and even cleaning creates insecurity in the guest.

Many of the security factors raised are unrelated to our management, but knowing what our guest’s concerns are gives us the opportunity to improve on what we are able to do it, and making our concerns on the subject very clear in our advertising, giving greater reliability to the guest.

The hostel has great influence on the guest’s decision

If you want to increase your hostel’s average ticket, the survey reported some factors in the guest’s choice of what to do at the destination.

43% feel safer to follow recommendations given by the hostel, whether they are recommendations for tours, tours, restaurants or products. 38% of respondents prefer to make reservations and search for information online, but prefer to do it directly on the provider’s website. Only 13% of respondents prefer to do it online, but through intermediaries’ websites, and an even smaller number, 4% of them, follow recommendations given by telephone.

Based on these figures, we see that it is increasingly important to train our employees to offer our products, as they are great influencers for our customers.

Do you want to know more about what happened at the Hostelworld Conference? Click here and check it out!

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