Google My Business: Why to Use and How to Start

Google My Business: Why to Use and How to Start

You’ve certainly used Google Business without realizing it – looking for “24-hour pharmacies in (neighborhood)” or “stationery in the West Zone,” maybe. As part of the results, did a screen appear next to or below the results with suggestions of establishments and a maple – or even the information of a specific business?

Maybe something like that.

Congratulations! You used Google Business without even knowing it.

What is Google Business

Not all internet searches are for blog articles or news – sometimes we want to know the hours of operation of an establishment, the address and how to get there, or the phone, and maybe find out if other people have had negative or positive experiences through over there.

This type is called Local Search.

Google Business is a platform created to facilitate this type of search, centralizing information in an easy and intuitive way and allowing owners of local establishments to have access and control of these infos, making them more reliable and safer.

The advantages of using Google Business

Being part of Google Business is virtually mandatory nowadays.

Increase your reach and focus on Google searches

One of the best practices in marketing is always to reduce the path that the visitor travels until he reaches the desired information. On each click or form between the visitor and the desired information, people give up and leave the page. So we put what is most important up front, in the most direct way possible.

Google Business does just that – instead of having to search Google, then clicking a link, then searching the information on the page, maybe even going to another link, the person can have immediate access to the relevant information about the business.

In addition, the main result of appearing prominently in the search is to attract more clicks and more potential customers, bringing to your brand a greater authority – after all, people tend to rely more on the first results on Google.

If you want to read more about appearing on Google, we have an article about it.

Uploading photos on your profile also makes it even more attractive! Encourage your guests to leave positive reviews and photos to show the best of your property. According to Google, “companies that add photos to the listings receive 42% more requests for car routes on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to access their websites than other companies.”

Interact with customers and potential customers

In Google Business, people can leave reviews and comments on their experiences, assigning one to five stars. We already talked in the blog about reading reviews to identify problems and validate ideas. Reviews can be a diagnostic and an important alert for you to think about the operation of your operation and your next steps.

But not only that! This is a great opportunity to get close to your guests and potential guests. Look at your Google Business as a showcase for the world. Keep an eye on the feedbacks and respond to all comments promptly!

This shows to the public that you are attentive to feedback, willing to listen, and quick to resolve any situations that arise. Never enter into public discussions – respond cordially and speak privately about any misunderstandings or criticisms.

Higher visibility on Google Maps and Waze

Have you ever stopped to think that Google Maps and Waze also work as search engines? When address or proximity are the most relevant, looking directly at a map application or GPS navigator is the most practical solution.

This opportunity is little explored. So it’s super important to be in Google Business and adjust all your basic information: correct address and location on the map, hours of operation, contact, social networks, and your company website – this will automatically update your ownership in these apps!

Having access to concrete data

In order to make good decisions, it is essential to rely on concrete data. By using Google Business, you’ll see how customers search for your property and the demographics of that audience, and how many of them have called the available phone.

By the way, knowing how many people have called your reception, can you tell how many of them actually made a reservation? I leave this reflection.

The monthly report can be a time for new insights and to understand whether your strategies are working or not.

How to create your Google Business account

  1. Access the Google Business website with your Google account.
  2. Enter the name of your property and add the location.
  3. Enter the type of business. There are several suggestions if you search for “hotel” or “hostel” – choose the one that best suits the style of your property.
  4. Enter the contact information.
  5. Click Finish!

At another time, you’ll need to verify your address by entering the code that Google will mail to you. When this happens the page will be totally linked to your account and you will have full control!

How Google Business Works

The Google Business home screen is very intuitive, and the platform offers a beginner’s tour. You have access to your posts, basic information, user assessments, analytical insights, among others See:

Download the app on your phone, whether on Android or iTunes, and see when someone posts a photo or comment. You can even add in your daily routine a quick time to check how your profile is and respond to reviews!

Being in Google Business is simple, fast and essential to keep your property prominently for potential guests. What are you waiting for to create your profile? Did you have any questions? Tell us. Who knows this may not be a new post!

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