Less “guessing”, more strategy

Combine hosting data with your market knowledge and discover ways for your property to grow.

Efficient reach

The business intelligence tool is at your service to identify expectations and needs of each guest profile. That way, you'll better target your audience and reach them more accurately.

More sales

It’s easier to understand your guest’s shopping behavior. Find out what motivates the trip and even choose your property from contextual data and sell what your customer really wants to buy.

Better management

Are your administrative and managerial decisions working? What actions should you and your team take in the coming months to reduce costs and increase profits? BI will reveal it to you.

Better decisions

Understand what risks your property is in or what opportunities it cannot miss. With data aligned to your guest's expectations, market demands and financial needs, making decisions is easier.

Save more

BI helps you to map processes, what is necessary to reduce costs, where the service is inefficient, when it is important to save money and when is the ideal time to leverage your results.

Loyal guests

Assertive data is synonymous with efficient service and happy guest. From the hosting history, you can predict demands and strengthen your guest's experience, leading to loyalty.

Join the movement that is transforming the way of managing your hostel.

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