8 tips to improve your guest’s safety during large events

8 tips to improve your guest’s safety during large events

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Large events such as festivals, regional celebrations and national holidays can draw an extra influx of people to your town. This is a great opportunity welcome more guests, make your property better-known and, get those sweet, sweet five-star ratings!

The biggest myth about hostels is the lack of security. Many people still find it safer to stay in a hotel than in a hostel or hostel, mainly because of the collective rooms, which are mostly in conventional hostels.

Try typing in Google “are hostels safe”. The search will return thousands of results from articles on specialized websites and travel blogs, all trying to convince your guest that yes, staying in a hostel is safe. Even so, when we search for testimonials and reviews on backpacker blogs and hosting sites, it’s still common to find people who have had a lot of security issues while staying in a hostel. This type of incident harms not only the specific hostel, but also the entire market of that region.

What to do to make your guest feel more secure and comfortable?

1. Always check if the outdoor areas are well lit.

Install light bulbs around your hostel and emergency lights. Your guest will feel safer when they have to enter or leave the property after dark, as well as prevent malicious people from hiding in the dark.

2. Install security cameras inside and outside your property.

Your guest feels assured that you’ll be able to to check and, if necessary, take action if anything happens in or around the hostel. It’s a form of prevention, but also a precaution in case something goes wrong on your property.

3. Install alarms and cabinets on your property.

Visible alarms help to inhibit malicious people and crimes of convenience. Individual cabinets ensure that your guests’ belongings are under their control, especially valuables like cameras, tablets and computers.

4. Pay attention to the complaints about other guests.

Listen carefully and calmly to this type of complaint, and always check the information before taking action – those moments, security cameras are key.

5. Always keep fire extinguishers and emergency exits in accordance with fire department recommendations.

Do regular inspections and stay u-to-date on possible changes in law or necessary updates. Train your staff, if necessary. It may seem bothersome, but it’s the best way to prevent accidents.

6. Have an emergency kit.

Are you and your staff prepared for minor emergencies? Look for information on how to proceed in cases of common accidents, such as a small cut, a small fall, among others. Useful items for the kit of your property can be:

  • Saline solution
  • Sterilized bandages and bandage rolls,  from Band-Aids to larger bandages.
  • Gauze in various sizes.
  • Cotton in various sizes
  • Small (but sharp) scissors
  • A thermometer
  • Gloves in case you have to deal with blood, body fluids, etc.
  • Non-alcohol cleaning wipes for external surfaces (e.g. removing dirt from the outside of an injury)

Don’t forget: never give unprescribed medication to guests.

7. Keep police, fire and ambulance numbers on hand. You never know when it’ll be necessary!

8. Inform your guests about your neighborhood and your city.

Every place has its secrets and its tricks. Tell your guests not only of the best parties and hip restaurants. Also inform them about best ways, routes and means of transportation to get around in your city, especially for those going to or coming from a party or big event. This is essential for anyone who is visiting an unfamiliar place to stay safe.

These tips to improve your guest’s safety are important to debunk that myth and make your guests feel safe all year round!

How many of those have you checked out? Have we forgotten something important? Let us know in the comments!

Besides, enjoy the celebrations to offer a great experience to your guest, create lasting relationships and leave your mark! ♪ ♪ I had the time of my life ♪ ♪

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