hqbeds is a simple and practical way for you to manage your hostel day by day. What is even better, you can control everything directly from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Discover why it is so easy to take care of your hostel in real time with hqbeds.


Manage your bookings online using a dashboard and a detailed occupancy calendar that organizes the work for your receptionists.

Points of Sale

Control your bar or your mini convenience store by instantly adding each purchase directly to your guests’ accounts or to the tabs of your clients.


At any time check the transactions of your cash register, payments, receivables, commissions and consumption of each of your staff members.

Know your clients

Access your clients’ profiles that include photos and records of their previous stays in your hostel with just one click and offer the best experience for each traveler.


Control your inventory, make shopping lists, find out what your top-selling products are, register commissions and increase your profit.


Have a financial module integrated to your hostel that includes the inflow of your cash register, credit card administration, commissions of agencies and multiple banking accounts.


Analize and export comprehensive reports of your revenue, sales history, occupancy, bookings, and more.

Printable vouchers

Print order vouchers and payments and optimize the operation of your bar, coffee shop or restaurant.

Pre-paid and post-paid tab system

Easily organize parties and events with a high flow of people, both guests and visitors, while separating the operations of your bar and your cash register.

Booking engine

Replace your phone conversations and email exchanges with an automated system as reliable as online travel agencies, and without losing a single cent in a form of commissions. Boost your occupancy rate and increase your profit margin by generating discount coupons exclusively for direct bookings. The HQBookings is easily set up and personalized from the interface of hqbeds and can be connected to your website and your Facebook page.


Monitor your performance

Monitor your performance in real time! The performance monitor is a chart panel with summaries of your operations and performance of your business. Always have detailed information about your daily and monthly bills by your side, your occupancy rates, and other information you might need. Know which guests have checked in already and how they booked, encourage your revenue goals, find out which products are the most important for your clients and increase your profit.

  • Anywhere, anytime

    hqbeds uses cloud-based technology and, because of that, is always online! You can work from whatever computer, smartphone or tablet, wherever you happen to be.

  • Customer support

    We, the developers, are also hostel owners and are always ready to help. Our system is constantly evolving and incorporating new features to help you manage your business even better.



Integrate hqbeds with your MyAllocator account and have control over all of your operations in just one system, from your room availability in various online travel agencies to bookings made at your reception.

  • myallocator

    Make the most of our integration to increase your occupancy rates, eliminate overbookings and update your prices.

  • Online travel agencies

    Automatically update all your sales channels each time your receptionist creates, cancels or edits a booking.


Organize your business, improve your performance and increase your profit. Choose a plan that best fits your hostel model.


Just USD 20 + 1 USD per bed
  • Management of beds and bookings
  • Booking engine
  • Unlimited points of sale
  • Tab system
  • Performance monitor
  • Financial management
  • Stock management
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